Why primeray?

PRIMERAY is South Kerala's leading end to end solar services provider based in Trivandrum. With dedicated design and execution teams, we accomplish turnkey solutions related to all solar power requirements. Our core team has decades of technical and business experience which forms the inner strength of Primeray. We very well understand how the limitless solar energy can be best redefined to make a positive difference in your lives.

solar panel installation trivandrum

Our team is always up to date on the latest trends and innovations in solar engineering thereby providing you the best solutions available in market. We only use tested and proven components from the qualified brands available in the market.

Even the most minute factors such as using the right quality wires or setting the solar panels at optimal angles can affect your solar plant performance. Our team of skilled engineers are experts in understanding your daily power consumption and designing the most optimal way to meet your specific needs. Our competitive technicians are masters in installing the most cost effective efficient solar power plant.

At PRIMERAY we believe our customers have every right to know how their hard-earned money invested through us on solar can bring them value. Nothing is hidden, everything is transparent. We happily invest the time to explain and ensure our customers are aware of the following prior to any financial involvement.

  • Different brands and types of solar plant components available in the market.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of using each specific component
  • Cost associated with each component.
  • Projected performance of the proposed solar power plant design
  • Potential benefits of installing the right solar power plant
  • Projected return on investments
  • Maintenance
  • Warranties
  • Services.

At PRIMERAY we prefer long lasting robust business relationships with our customers over short term transactional relationships. Our foundation is built on business ethics and customer satisfaction. That is why PRIMERAY continues to be the trusted solar partner to all our customers.